This Privacy Policy deed belongs to and is meant to safeguard all your personally identifiable information that we collect in due course of your surfing of the website. The Privacy Policy along with the Terms and Conditions of use, by and large, describes the entire functioning of the website and its use strategy.  Just like you would agree to the terms of use, likewise, you are agreeing to this policy addressing the privacy of the information as well, the moment you browse

We collect data in various ways through emails and forms present on our website. There are different types of information we collect as well – such as personal and non-personal. Personal information consists of names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, gender, date of birth, etc., which are generally provided during registration/sign-in activities. Non-personal information could be information that we obtain via cookies or any other browser with such allowed functionalities.

None of this information is dissipated or misused in any way, whatsoever, as all of these are examined by us expansively, to provide you with better customer service. We understand that personal privacy is enormously important and that is why make every effort to store the data securely and following data storage rules and regulations. Unless otherwise required by the law, your information stays safe with us and is archived as per policies defined by Information Technology best practices.