123.hp.com/setup for MAC OS and HP Troubleshooting

HP Printers are compatible with all operating systems. Perform the 123.hp.com/setup with the USB Cable or wirelessly, for the MAC OS X. The adaptable HP range of multi-purpose printers offers a variety of features for the home user, including printing on-the-go. Get the latest Sprocket printer to capture memories instantly. One of the first companies to introduce wireless into a printer, HP is at the pinnacle of all innovation in the printer industry.

Initial 123.hp.com/setup

To make complete use of your HP Printing facilities, download and install the full-feature driver available on the manufacturer’s website. During the first-time setup, make sure that you have received all the instructions to configure the printer and along with it a CD ROM that contains the basic software and driver for initial installation. Also, remember that the package has to be opened and the printer pulled out carefully to be placed on a wide flat surface. You will also receive the starter cartridges along with the printer and then, check the color and remove the orange strip from the connectors before placing them. Power the printer on before that and start setting up the system with commands that you obtain on the control panel of the printer.

HP Printer Setup

USB MAC 123.hp.com/setup prep

You can perform a printer setup for your MAC OS or OS X using the USB or wirelessly and to accomplish the USB setup, ensure that you have made all initial preparations such as gathering a cable that is less than 3 m. It is imperative that you turn all the machines and devices on before you begin, in the process, also checking if your computer has a USB port to connect. Docking station connectivity is not advised as the printer may not receive enough power to feed its potential. For now, do not connect the USB cable between the devices – if have connected it, then remove the cable.

123.hp.com/setup Printer installation

Use the HP Easy Start app’s installation guidance to download and launch the driver, alternatively, you can also use the Apple Software Update. In all cases, as mentioned before, download the full feature driver depending upon your operating system, from HP’s website.

Mac OS X v10.11 El Capitan operating system

  • If you are using the MAC OS X v10.11 El Capitan operating system, then you can do the following to establish a printer connection through the USB
  • Turn the printer on with the help of the Power button – wait till it gets to a Ready state
  • You should not visualize any error lights blinking and no error messages displayed on the control panel
  • Reach behind the printer to connect the USB cable into its port – the other end goes into the MAC
  • Then go to the Apple Menu or Finder -> then click System Preferences… -> from under here, choose Printers & Scanners

Adding the 123.hp.com/setup Printer

  • Check for your printer’s listing under this window – if unavailable, click on the Add or the + / Plus sign. From the menu drop-down, choose the Add Printer or Scanner option
  • The name of your printer should appear in the subsequent Add window – click on it. From under the Use: field select your printer’s name and then click on the Add button
  • You might receive a prompt, thereafter, to install the relevant software for the printer. At the prompt window, just click on the Download& Install button to get the software for the printer from Apple
  • Finally, after all installation of the software is completed, check under the Printers & Scanners to see if your printer name is listed there. Applications must be closed and restarted to avail of all the features of the newly added printer

Connect HP printer to Windows and start printing your documents. You can expect good speed and quality if HP printer is your choice

  1. At first, power ON your HP printer
  2. If your HP printer is brand new, take out the Printer from the package and then connect the hardware requirements
  3. From your windows device, navigate to the option, Devices and Printers
  4. Search to find the option, Add printer or scanner
  5. From the list that appears, choose the Printer name to add
  6. You are requested to wait for a while
  7. Once if the printer is added to the Windows device, select your document and choose the appropriate settings to start printing

The MAC users can follow the steps below to add HP printer

  1. Choose a compatible Mac device. From your Mac device, navigate to the Apple Menu
  2. Then find the System preference option
  3. Select the option, Printers and Scanners
  4. Check if you can view the ADD button. If yes, tap on the button
  5. Select your printer from the list that appear
  6. Now proceed with the onscreen settings. Your HP printer will be successfully added to Mac
  7. Perform a device restart if you come across any issues while adding HP printer to Mac
  1. To connect HP Printer to Smart Phone, enable the WI- Fi direct or network settings on your Printer
  2. From your Mobile device, go to settings >All printers > Add Printer
  3. Now select your printer to add
  4. Note that the settings depend on the mobile device model used
  5. You can also use HP Mobile printing apps to connect your Printer to the smart phone

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Driver installation for 123.hp.com/setup HP Easy Start

To find the driver and software specific to your printer, reach out to 123.hp.com and type the name of your printer’s model. When you click on Begin the system will detect your operating system first and then starts downloading the HP Easy Start App. The page will change to HP Software and Driver Downloads for enabling full feature driver downloads. To allow full scan functionality, you must make sure HP Scan or HP Easy Scan is made available. Follow instructions for extraction after the HP Easy Start software has downloaded completely

Full Feature Driver

If the above process fails, then go back to HP’s support page and along side your printer model, confirm your Operating System. Then go to Driver-Product Installation Software -> HP Easy Start ->Download / Full Feature Driver. Check your Downloads folder for a HP Easy Start file or a .dmg file. Double-click to continue installation. Furthermore, for MAC users, the printer driver can be installed using a MAC printer driver as well. In such cases, you will see a Download button and then a Learn More button that will issue instructions

Connecting the USB

Choose USB when you are prompted for a connection. The HP Scan or HP Easy Scan should have been selected to initiate scanning, from the Install screen

Adding to the printer queue

Click Printer name -> Print Using menu / Use -> from the pop-up menu choose printer name -> Add. Complete the installation from the HP Installer

Error messages

Not often, but if you get a message that the printer has not been visualized during the 123.hp.com/setup for USB connection then you can do the following: Clear probable error conditions by restarting your devices. Cable disconnection and reconnection can sometimes purge the error as well. Change the USB port to which the cable is connected on the computer. If you are using a docking station, as mentioned before, remove the cable and connect it directly to the PC. You must ensure that the USB cable is working – If not change the cable. Other USB devices may be disconnected to initiate connectivity

HP Printer Driver Unavailable

Software unavailable or setup failed

  • If you do not find the software or see a message stating that the Software is currently unavailable for this device then it means that the 123.hp.com/setup has actually failed. To troubleshoot the issue, you must first check if the driver for your printer model is indeed available via the Apple Software Update
  • You can also download the driver manually if auto installation fails. The Apple Software on the MAC OS should contain the latest version – run an update and then add the Printer to the Queue
  • In the event where the latest drivers are not available immediately, you must conduct periodic checks for its release. When connected over a network attempt connectivity with the Air Print option and append the printer again to the MAC

Offline Printer during 123.hp.com/setup USB

  • You may have to reset the system if the printer remains undiscovered during the setup. To reset the printing system on the MAC OS X if your printer is not responsive. All devices both HP and non-HP devices in the queue will be removed if you perform a system resetting.
  • Reach out to System Preferences… from under the Apple Menu and then click on Print & Fax / Printers & Scanners. Right click on the blank space on the left side of the panel and from here you will receive a Reset Printing System prompt. Click on it and then choose the Reset button again at the pop-up to confirm the choice
  • At the next pop-up you may be prompted to enter the Admin name and Password and then click on ok. The next screen opens a blank Printers & Scanners window from where you can append the printer into the queue
HP Printer Offline

Uninstall and reinstall the 123.hp.com/setup driver

  • If the driver component has not be installed correctly, then the setup fails
  • In such as case, it is best to remove the existing software and reinstalling a fresh version once again
  • Go to Finder -> Go -> Applications -> HP / Hewlett Packard (folder)
  • Uninstall the software with the help of the HP Uninstaller otherwise put the HP / Hewlett Packard (folder) into the trash
  • Then do: Go -> Go to Folder -> enter /Library/Printers -> Go

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